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Effective folk remedies for stomach ulcers

Traditional medicine helps many people to cope with even the most serious illnesses. In its sources, you can find simple but very effective recipes that are truly invaluable and unique for diseases of the digestive system. The article will tell you how you can cure a stomach ulcer using folk methods.

Potato juice treats stomach ulcers

the composition of potato juice includes a lot of useful substances that successfully fight inflammation, promote rapid epithelialization, reduce the production of hydrochloric acid by the gastric glands, and soothe pain. Potato juice is the best remedy for burns. And ulcerative lesions in the stomach are practically the same burns that were formed due to the aggressive effects of acids. Since in case of stomach ulcers, the secretion of hydrogen chloride acids is excessive, which interferes with the healing of the mucous membrane, potato juice will reduce it as much as possible and accelerate the regeneration processes.

Preparation and application:

wash potato tubers and peel them;
squeeze the juice with a juicer, or you can simply grate the tubers on a fine grater, and then transfer the potato gruel to cheesecloth and squeeze out the useful liquid;
it is advisable to prepare the juice no later than 15 minutes before taking it, since after it it will lose most of its valuable properties;
the composition is used daily three times a day (half an hour before meals) for 1 month;
the dosage is as follows: in the first 7 days - a portion of one dose is 1 tbsp. spoon, the next week - 2 tbsp is drunk at one time. spoons, from day 15, the dosage is increased to 4 spoons, in the last week of the course, one serving should be half a glass.
this remedy is contraindicated in people with low acidity.

Birch mushroom (chaga) from ulcers

The healing power of the birch mushroom has been known for a long time. Its beneficial properties were discovered more than a thousand years ago by the great physician Avicenna. In ancient medical sources, cases are described when it was thanks to chaga that people were cured of malignant neoplasms and serious diseases of the digestive tract.

In what force of birch fungus? Of course, in its healing substance composition, it is in it that a whole complex of biologically active substances is present: natural steroids, fiber, polysaccharides, lignin, tannins, organic acid compounds and a huge amount of microelements. Birch mushroom is a powerful natural antibiotic and antiseptic, it neutralizes caustic hydrochloric acid in the stomach, promotes healing of tissues affected by ulcers.

Potato juice treats stomach ulcer

Preparation and application:

you can prepare a medicine based on chaga from both fresh birch mushroom and dried pieces;
the mushroom growth is chopped with a knife into small pieces, then the chopped mushroom should be soaked in boiled warm water;
leave the chaga to soak in water for about 5-7 hours;
then the first water, where the mushroom was infused, should be drained, but in no case should it be poured out, it will still come in handy;
the soaked pieces must be re-poured with a new portion of warm water (50 degrees) in a ratio of 1 to 5, that is, 1 part is a mushroom, 5 parts is a liquid;
in this form, chaga must be kept for two days;
after two days, it is necessary to decant the healing solution by adding the first water to it, and you can start treatment;
the remedy is taken daily up to 4 times a day, 200 ml per 1 dose, the chaga drink should be drunk half an hour before a meal;
one full course will be 90 days;
in the event that it becomes necessary to repeat the treatment with a birch mushroom, it can be started no earlier than a week after the end of the previous course;
the infusion retains its value in the first 4 days, after this period it makes no sense to use it;
it is advisable to take care of a new portion of the drink in advance so that the treatment is not interrupted.
It is strictly forbidden to give children such a remedy to drink.

St. John's wort recipes

The use of a medicinal plant called St. John's wort in folk medicine knows no boundaries. The healing power of the herb helps to cope with many ailments, stomach ulcer is no exception. The plant contains natural substances with powerful antibacterial, antiseptic and regenerating effects.

Preparation and application of the infusion:

1 dessert spoon of dry raw materials is steamed with 1 glass of boiling water;
the steamed herb should stand unopened for about 40 minutes;
when the specified time has elapsed, the treatment solution is decanted and divided into 4 equal parts;
you need to drink the infusion four times a day, and be sure to 20-30 minutes before a meal;
it is extremely important to withstand the full course of treatment, which is exactly 14 days;
if necessary, it is allowed to carry out repeated therapy with St. John's wort, but it is imperative to make a pause of 7-10 days after the previous course;
people with any type of allergy need to be careful when using this recipe, as the herb can trigger rashes and other allergic symptoms.
St. John's wort

Preparation and use of St. John's wort oil:

the recipe uses exclusively fresh herb, and the upper part of it;
weigh 150 grams of fresh raw materials, crumble it and place in an enamel saucepan;
pour the crushed plant with olive oil (the product must be unrefined) in an amount of half a liter;
place a saucepan with butter and grass in a bowl of boiling water and simmer the mixture in a water bath for 30 minutes;
then the oil-herbal composition is transferred into glassware (jar, bottle), tightly closed and sent to the pantry for 3-5 days;
the aged medicinal mixture is filtered through a sieve or gauze;
Strained St. John's wort oil should be drunk daily for 1 tbsp. spoon for 1 reception, immediately before meals, until the patient's condition stabilizes.
Solution from milk and mummy for peptic ulcer disease
Everyone knows about the high healing characteristics of the mummy. Natural mineral resin contains 80 useful components most valuable for the body. It has been successfully used to treat various pathologies. The widespread use of mummy is due to its multifaceted spectrum of therapeutic effects. In folk medicine, peptic ulcer disease is successfully treated with mummy dissolved in cow's milk. Such a composition disinfects wounds in the main digestive organ, tightens ulcers, creates protection of the mucous membrane from the aggressive effects of hydrochloric acid.

Preparation and application of the solution:

in warm cow's milk (1/4 cup), the mummy is dissolved in an amount of 0.2 g;
the use of this mixture is intended for internal intake - immediately in the morning after sleep, the entire portion is drunk, the second intake in the same dosage is carried out in the evening (closer to sleep);
home remedy with mummy is drunk in a course of 4 weeks;
in order to consolidate the therapeutic effect, repeated treatment is allowed, but without fail withstanding a ten-day break after the completion of the first course;
you cannot use such a remedy if a person is sick with oncology.

St. John's wort recipes treats stomach ulcer

Folk remedy with propolis

Propolis belongs to the group of powerful natural antibiotics, antiseptics, sorbents. It perfectly copes with deep ulceration and inflammation in the stomach cavity. For people with peptic ulcer disease, propolis is an irreplaceable medicine. But it should be used with caution by those who have hypersensitivity to bee products.

Resinous sticky mass, which is produced by bees, contains in its chemical composition more than 20 microelements vital for humans, including selenium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, calcium, etc. In addition, valuable vitamins are present in bee glue: A, C, E, PP, B, etc. But the material composition does not end there either, it is supplemented in large quantities by plant metabolites, flavonoids, phytoncides, ether compounds, about 20 substances from the amine group and other unique components.

Preparation and use of the product with propolis:

the main ingredients of the drug are cow's milk (0.5 l) and bee's neck (25 g);
propolis is first crushed, then its pieces are thrown into milk;
then the container with milk and propolis is placed on the stove, and the mixture languishes on low heat until the bee product is completely dissolved;
a milk drink with propolis is intended for internal use, it is drunk 4 times a day, 30-40 minutes before meals;
duration of admission - 30 days without interruption, with chronic and severe ulceration, the duration of therapy can be increased.

Calendula flowers treat stomach ulcers

Everyone is familiar with the amazingly fragrant flowers of calendula, but does everyone know that this plant has incredible healing properties? Surprisingly, the composition of solar inflorescences includes a whole complex of natural substances - flavonoids, carotenoids, organic compounds with antitumor activity; macro- and microelements, including zinc, molybdenum, copper, selenium, magnesium and potassium; essential oils and tannins. And this is not the whole list of plant nutrients.

Marigold flowers

Calendula has a great effect on the stomach, so it is used for therapeutic purposes for problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Medicinal flowers have proven themselves well in the treatment of stomach ulcers - due to their antibacterial, regenerating properties, as well as the ability to soothe and eliminate inflammatory foci, the epithelial structures of the organ's mucous membrane are completely restored in a short time.

Preparation and application of calendula flower oil:

take 150 ml of any kind of natural vegetable oil - sunflower, corn, olive - and pour it into an enamel ladle or other suitable container; pour 45-50 g of dried plant flowers into the oil; put a container with the resulting mixture in a bowl of boiling water, and darken the oil-herbal composition in a water bath for up to an hour and a half; when languishing, dishes with oil should be covered with a lid; when the specified time is up, the calendula oil is removed from the stove and left to infuse at room temperature for another 24 hours; then you will need to pass the entire composition through a strainer, while squeezing out the flower cake thoroughly; the therapeutic mixture for the stomach is ready, you need to drink it like this: 1 teaspoon 3-5 times a day (the number of doses depends on the diet) half an hour before each meal; at the morning reception, it is advisable to drink the oil not in its pure form, but stir it (the dosage is the same) in a glass of warm milk, adding another spoonful of natural honey to the milk drink;

the duration of the course of oil therapy is 15 days.

You can not be treated with a similar remedy for people who are allergic to the material composition of calendula. In case of ulcerative pathologies at the time of an acute crisis, do not use the medicine. It is strictly forbidden to consume various alcoholic infusions inside for gastric ulcers.

Remedy from yogurt and honey for stomach ulcers

The combination of the two products not only tastes good, but is also ideal for restoring damaged stomach tissues. Especially this tool will appeal to those people who do not like to spend a lot of time preparing various folk recipes, which take a lot of time. A simple and very effective way to treat ulcers!

Preparation and use of the product:

for 1 liter of yogurt, you will need to take 1 glass of liquid honey; chop both ingredients well, the product is ready to use; a tasty medicine is taken in a warm form every day - in the morning on an empty stomach and before going to bed - 250 ml per 1 dose; the duration of treatment is 7-10 days, after which there is a pause of 30 days, and if possible, so that the walls of the stomach are completely healed, the course should be taken again. Wine and honey infusion with agave This recipe uses 3 ingredients:

indoor agave leaves (aloe) - 200 g; natural honey (any kind) - 200 ml; red grape wine - 400 ml. The remedy is prepared as follows:

cut off the fleshy leaves of the agave in the specified amount, put them in a cold place for 48 hours; in two days, you can start the main preparation: first of all, we prepare the gruel from the agave, for this we use a meat grinder; then we shift the gruel into an enamel saucepan, add the whole portion of honey here, stir; then it will be necessary to slightly warm up the resulting mass (up to 50 degrees), but in no case do we boil, from this the plant will lose its value, and the honey will become unhealthy; remove the pan from the heat, now it is time to combine the honey-plant mass with red wine and stir well all the ingredients until a homogeneous composition; pour the wine and honey tincture into a liter bottle, you can put it in a glass jar, close the container tightly; we place the remedy in a kitchen cabinet or a closet, where light does not penetrate, for exactly 1 week; after a seven-day exposure, the tincture can be used to treat stomach ulcers, the reception is as follows: 60 minutes before meals, we drink 15 ml three times a day;

the duration of the course of treatment with wine and honey tincture with agave - 3 weeks.

Plantain helps get rid of peptic ulcer

pod-minpod-min Plantain herb is an excellent natural antiseptic that quickly disinfects and regenerates damaged organ tissues. This will not be news to anyone, because since childhood, our parents taught us to apply a leaf of a miraculous plant to an abrasion or a broken knee. Plantain leaves, thanks to their antiseptic, wound healing, analgesic and enveloping properties, will perfectly help cure an ulcer and forget about the sore forever. Plantain treatment saves the stomach even in the most advanced cases, when hope for a cure has already been completely lost.

Preparation and reception of plantain infusion:

you can be treated in two ways - use the herb as a tea infuser and always drink only such a warm drink instead of traditional teas, or take a strong plantain infusion once a day;

if a person uses the infusion in the form of a drink, he needs to steam a teaspoon of dry plantain with boiling water in a 200 ml cup, wait 10-15 minutes until the plantain tea is brewed; the drink can be slightly sweetened with honey; it is allowed to drink up to 4 cups of a similar remedy per day, but not after, but before meals;

in the event that you stopped on treatment according to the second method, then you will need to take 2 teaspoons of plantain herb in a glass of boiling water, and steam the infusion similar to the previous recipe; it is necessary to drink the medicinal solution only once a day - immediately after waking up in the morning (on an empty stomach);

the course of therapy with plantain infusion is 90 days.

What is important to know about alternative treatment

All the recipes presented in the article are great for stomach problems that are accompanied by ulcerative formations. But it is necessary to understand that a stomach ulcer is a serious disease that requires a competent approach to treatment. Any of the methods of traditional medicine serves as an adjunct to the main drug therapy. Therefore, first of all, it is important to strictly adhere to the treatment regimen recommended by the gastroenterologist, and use folk recipes in parallel.

Before you start using this or that composition based on natural ingredients, it is imperative to inform your personal doctor about your intention to use traditional medicine and obtain consent from him. The natural compounds mentioned above, although they contain natural substances, in some cases may be unsafe for humans, since each plant or product has its own limitations. In addition, many herbs, including honey, can cause allergic reactions in some people. It is necessary to carefully study the composition of each medicinal plant, a list of contraindications, and only then take the drug inside.

When preparing a home remedy for stomach ulcers, it is imperative to accurately maintain the weight proportions, determining the amount by eye will not work. For weighing herbs, if the plant raw material is indicated in grams in the recipe, you need to use special scales. To measure milliliters, you need a measuring cup. An overdose in use is also extremely dangerous, the principle is that there cannot be much useful, in this case it can turn into negative health consequences for a person.

By:Dr.Albert M. Harary

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