Types and forms of stomach and duodenal ulcers

Types and forms of stomach and duodenal ulcers

The most dangerous types of ulcers: perforated (perforated)

  • You got a hole in your stomach ?!

For some, this is a joke about a gluttonous person, but for others, it may not be funny at all. An opening in the stomach is an extremely life-threatening complication of peptic ulcer disease. If we imagine that the stomach wall is a piece of multilayer cardboard, then an ulcer is damage to the upper layers. These layers can tear, fray, but if the “cardboard” is pierced through, it is already a disaster. It is the same in the walls of the stomach: if only the mucous membrane is damaged, this is one thing, if the deeper layers or all, through and through, is quite another. A through hole is called perforation, and this type of ulcer is performative or perforated.

Why is it dangerous?
The contents of the stomach literally fall into the abdominal cavity or into the retroperitoneal tissue. If you do not take urgent measures, and this is necessarily an operation, then purulent peritonitis may occur and there is a threat to life.

Peritonitis?! Oh yes! Our friend had it when his appendicitis burst. The same thing happens here.

Symptoms of a perforated, perforated ulcer
Eremeeva Anna Andreevna, deputy chief physician for clinical and expert work of the Krasnoyarsk interdistrict polyclinic No. 1, says the following about the symptoms of stomach and duodenal ulcers:

  • Firstly, these complications are manifested by acute pain. It must not be missed. Now there are many pill forms of painkillers, when the person drank the pill and ran on. Still, what is pain? This is a signal from the body that something is wrong with it. Especially when it is a sharp, dagger pain (and perforation, perforation is the sharpest pain!). This is the first, the second – it can be vomiting. And when bleeding from the ulcer, vomiting will be purple, vomiting may be clotted.

Medicinal ulcer
Sergei Ivanovich, our old friend, was ill for a long time after the operation on the spine. Was treated for a long time:

  • They planted them with pills, – complains, – my stomach. Therefore, I also had to treat him.

Until the sores he did not come, but the acute gastritis earned. And that often happens. When patients are treating one thing, what is called, crippling another.

In the medical community, they still argue whether it is possible to single out an ulcer that appeared against the background of long-term medication as a separate type – a medicinal ulcer. Some experts are sure that medications only reopen old wounds, in our case – provoke an exacerbation of the existing peptic ulcer. Other doctors see after prolonged use of pills, not ulcers, but mucosal erosion. Still others have traced a clear connection and are advised to prevent peptic ulcer disease. So, if you have to take long-term drugs that reduce the protective function of the stomach, you should periodically switch to other forms, for example, instead of pills, use suppositories.

Callous stomach ulcer
A callous ulcer is simply a wound that does not heal. No matter how much they fight over it, no matter how much they treat it, this ulcer does not cease to exist and does not scar.

Why is a callous ulcer dangerous?
Over time, the pain loses its seasonal character. And we know that peptic ulcer disease is most often exacerbated in spring and autumn. Here, with a callous ulcer, it always hurts. And the path with such an ulcer straight to the operating table, otherwise there is a danger of turning it into cancer.

And I continue to ask Anna Andreevna Eremeeva:

  • By the way, can an ulcer always turn into oncology?
  • In no case. It does not mean that there is an ulcer, then after a certain time there will be cancer. No. What can cause suspicion? When we see a person who does not abuse alcohol, tries to follow a diet, is adherent to therapy and for no apparent reason he has an ulcer over and over again. Sometimes we see people who have ulcerative defects in different places once a year or even several times a year. This is suspicious. Then we try to look more closely at such a person, take biopsies.
  • Is there an ulcer as a symptom?
  • Yes. If this is a one-time ulcerative defect that responded to treatment, healed well and the person, while observing certain rules, forgot about this situation, then there should be no fears.

Multiple, extensive and chronic ulcer
Multiple (extensive) ulcers as a type stand out in terms of quantity, and what is the danger here, we in particular indicated above. It is also worth noting that this type of ulcer is quite rare.

A chronic ulcer, of course, is an ulcer that constantly arises. Let’s ask Anna Andreevna again:

  • Sometimes we hear: “The ulcer has opened!” , and what does this folk wisdom mean?
  • “The ulcer has opened” – this is what experienced patients say most often, who know that they have gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer. After all, it can scar and a new ulcer can occur when a person is not treated, does not pay attention to the diet. And in this case, he says: “opened.” This is usually the kind of people they say who are already flaunting their experience in peptic ulcer disease.

In cases where an acute ulcer does not heal and they talk about its transition to a chronic form. Unlike callous ulcers, such an ulcer alternates between periods of exacerbation with periods of almost complete health.

  • What types of ulcers are the most common?
  • Still, the most common ulcer is a duodenal ulcer. This is due only to the anatomical feature. The stomach has a very powerful defense, a very thick wall. In the duodenum, it is thinner. And all the effects of both Helicobacter pylori infection, food, alcohol on the intestine are greater.

About the causes of ulcers, about stress ulcers and the diagnosis of peptic ulcer disease in Krasnoyarsk – in the following materials.

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