Leaky intestines. What is this syndrome and what is it fraught with?

Leaky intestines. What is this syndrome and what is it fraught with?

Leaky gut syndrome, as experts say, is the colloquial name for leaky or irritable bowel syndrome. Normally, liquid is absorbed through its walls and enters the circulatory system. At the same time, various bacteria, slags and toxins do not have an outlet. However, with this syndrome, they can get out, enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body.

Causes of the problem
There are many reasons why the permeability of the intestinal walls may increase. So, for example, chronic inflammation in the intestine is considered one of the main ones, which leads to damage to the walls. In addition, the walls can suffer from edema due to allergies.

Often the cause of the problem is various fungi, parasites, bacteria, taking antibiotics and a variety of chemicals. A problem may develop against the background of insufficient production of gastric juice, for example, with gastritis with low acidity, etc. Against this background, pathogenic bacterial flora often begins to grow exponentially, which further worsens the condition.

Taking corticosteroids, as well as hormonal contraceptives, can also have a negative effect. And problems often arise against the background of chronic stress.

How to recognize the problem
Regardless of what exactly led to the development of intestinal problems, the symptoms in pathology are often similar. Moreover, in terms of their intensity and strength, they directly depend on the stage at which the development of the disease is. Among the standard features are called:

Painful sensations in the abdomen, which develop against the background of bloating, intestinal spasms, and motor problems; often this soreness develops after eating
Changes in the appearance of the skin – inflammation, rashes, etc. begin to appear.
Manifestations of dyspepsia – stool disorders, nausea and even vomiting
The appearance of symptoms of hypovitaminosis – these can be vision problems, deterioration of the condition of nails and hair, malfunctions of the cardiovascular system
Feelings of chronic fatigue
In advanced cases, these can be manifestations of autoimmune diseases, such as Crohn’s disease, etc.
Changes in emotional state – bowel function can affect the activity of the nervous system
As soon as a person begins to have such symptoms, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible.

How to treat
It is important to understand that often leaky gut syndrome is not an independent problem. So, first you need to overcome what causes it. Accordingly, a detailed examination of the patient is required.

The syndrome itself is corrected with symptomatic therapy. That is, you will have to maintain a diet – without allergens, with a minimum of sugars, or even without them at all, taking fermented foods, etc. Also on the list of recommendations is the use of filtered water. There is also a recommendation to take probiotics – they must be prescribed by a doctor.

A great solution would be to eliminate stress in life. This will allow the entire body to function normally. And you also need to be more careful with medicines.

Naturally, one should not forget about prevention – it is necessary to eradicate all bad habits, add more movement to life, and balance nutrition. And then the body itself will cope with temporary difficulties, regulating the work of all systems without any problems.

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